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Pitch deck in pune

  • Publish Date: 20-10-17
  • Price: $411,058.00

A pitch deck is a brief presentation module, often created using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi, used for the professional quality in the work while providing a quick overview of your business plan or any another potential work lances. As usually being…

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Architectural Designers in Calicut

  • Publish Date: 07-10-17

Ksgroupofconstructions are the best choice for you. Ks group of constructions are the top building construction company in Calicut.We are the top one company. Their reach and a firm base in this area help them in creating residential and office areas that…

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Adhesive Exporters customs Data

  • Publish Date: 06-08-17

An adhesive is an aggravate that sticks or bonds two items together. Some advanced Adhesive is amazingly solid. An adhesive is a broadly useful glue utilized for appending tile, drywall, fixtures to walls, molding, floors, and roofs. Adhesive export…

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WorldWide travels & events

  • Publish Date: 30-07-17
  • Price: $300,000.00

World Wide is always with you, by a motto “dedicated service beyond customer satisfaction”.World Wide seeks to fulfill the dearth of tour packages,human resource & corporate events in every industry and has been a success for the last Six years. Under the…

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Health And Beauty

  • Publish Date: 22-06-17

Health and beauty Now a day’s we are so conscious to keep our fit, for that we are doing various things like exercise and we take diet free food on the other hand we also use various of type fitness tracker gadgets that helpful to fill up our desired…

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Nylon based Thermal Lamination Films

  • Publish Date: 11-06-17

Nylon based Thermal Lamination Films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. Cosmo Films is a leading Nylon Base Film manufacturer, Supplier and…

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